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Jennifer Perri

'Never Give Up' Hardcover Book-by Jennifer Perri *Signed Copy*

'Never Give Up' Hardcover Book-by Jennifer Perri *Signed Copy*

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Success lies somewhere between surrender and celebration. As there is no algorithmic formula to assure success, we resort to using our best judgement to pursue our goals. Along the way when the going gets difficult, many people tend to ‘give up’. Giving up is a posture that is easy to adopt, but perseverance to achieve success seldom fails.

Success and accomplishment are invariably tied together with a Never Give Up attitude. For the determined, the word “quitting” is not even a part of their vocabulary. The more successful amongst us learn, plan and continue to execute well-thought-out strategies regardless of frustrations, failures, or personal hardships. 

We can always improve our efficiency to attain goals by applying the experience of a mentor. Jennifer Perri, Dick Vitale, and the other Celebrity Experts(R) in this book have achieved their successes through  never giving up. 

Book is 214 pages, hardcover and signed by Jennifer Perri. 

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