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Quiet and Badass *Author Signed Copy*

Quiet and Badass *Author Signed Copy*

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The authors of Quiet & Badass share their awe-inspiring personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs of being Introverted and Highly sensitive women in business. Their stories are those of courage, bravery, hope, and victory. They reveal how they embraced their unique personality and created lives they love!

Quiet & Badass features stories from authors including: Abby Skinner, Dr Beth Stuart, Cassandra Aguillon, Christina Sims, Christine Frey, Donna Renee Moody, Jaymi Bagley, Jennifer Perri, Jenny Alberti, Kelly VanHoveln, Laura Rinnankoski, Liz Medford, Nicole Richards, Simone James, Tammy Mansfield, Tandaza Ntikinca, Teri Katzenberger, Trisha Trixie Hunter-Merrill.

Book signed by 3x Best-Selling Author, Jennifer Perri. 

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